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  [Sea] Inclusive of all rivers, gather talents from all directions, and create a great future together

  【Grid】People-oriented, strict management, technological innovation to create a brand

  【Er】Building a bridge of friendship and building a win-win platform together

  Work style: bright, fast, strict, practical, and modest

    Bright (clear goals and clear responsibilities)

  fast (fast response, vigorous and resolute)

  Strict (strict standards and fulfilling their duties)

  Practical (seeking truth from facts, emphasizing practical results)

  Qian (modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness)

  Shi: Go to the field, know the truth, tell the truth, make practical moves, use real energy, and see actual results

  Henan Haigeer High Temperature Materials Co., Ltd. adheres to a people-oriented and respectful corporate culture of employees' interests, and has formed a harmonious atmosphere of unity, friendship, and mutual trust in the company through a variety of cultural activities. Strengthen the sense of group, so that a strong cohesion and centripetal force formed between the employees of the enterprise.

Keyword: culture and the of strict practical fast to truth building

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