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  Introduction to the overall contracting of Henan Haiger High Temperature Material Co., Ltd.

  Our Haiger High Temperature Material Co., Ltd. is one of the first domestic manufacturers to implement functional ladle contracting. In 2002, the steel-making ladle of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. first implemented the functional contracting mode of ton steel settlement. After several years of actual operation , The performance is very outstanding, becoming one of the refractory suppliers of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Plant.

  With the implementation of the functional contracting model, our company has gradually established 45-ton steel ladle in Taiyuan Steel’s third stainless steel plant, 80-ton steel ladle in Lengshuijiang Boda, 80-ton steel ladle of Nanchang Fangda Special Steel, 80-ton steel ladle of Shandong Juneng Special Steel, and Changzhou. More than a dozen large and medium-sized steel companies, such as the 50-ton steel ladle of Zhongtian No. 3 Steelmaking and the 100-ton pouring ladle of Anhui Changjiang Iron and Steel, occupy a dominant share in the ladle contracting. The number of construction personnel abroad has reached more than 200, and they have undertaken the ladle construction of various users. Maintenance work. In addition, we also contracted 320 tons of torpedo tanks for Shanghai Meishan Iron and Steel, 230 tons of torpedo tanks for Shandong Laigang Yongfeng Steel, 260 tons of torpedo tanks for Hebei Shougang Qian'an Iron and Steel, 210 tons of Shougang iron ladle, 60 tons of Jiuquan Steel, 120 tons of iron ladle and other torpedo tanks. , Iron ladle and other series products, and have obtained long-term cooperation.


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